Houston Electric seeks and employees people who share the values and standards set for the company.  We have created an environment of success based on trust, loyalty, and determination to provide top quality electrical service.  Our goal is to continue to provide a work environment with job security, competitive wages and benefits, and a good balance between work and home life.

Some benefits include; paid holidays, paid vacation, dental and medical insurance.

Our strength is derived from our staff of qualified and professional people.  Our staff stays up with the leading edge of technology, products, design, engineering and construction.  We employee people who are highly productive, hardworking, self-managed, self-motivated, team oriented, honest and dependable.

Apprenticeship Program

Houston Electric encourages our employees to reach their career goals.  We require our employees to complete a 3-4 year electrical apprenticeship program.  The apprenticeship program provides at least 144 hours of classroom instruction each year and 8,000 hours of on-the-job training over the course of the apprenticeship.

We are registered with the Virginia Apprenticeship Council and offer training to our employees through the Central Virginia Electrical Contractors Association’s (CVECA). This is an accredited apprenticeship program that provides our apprentices the opportunity to obtain the journeyman electrician certification.  We pay the apprentices’ yearly administration cost, semester fees and associated books.